Barry G. Becker
30556 Meridien Circle 
Union City, CA 94587 
(510) 471-2050 

Create software to visualize information.


    2/2016 - present: Senior Developer on ESI Mineset, ESI-Group
8/2014 - 2/2016: Senior Developer on Mineset, SGI
Redesigned legacy 3D native visualizations in a 2D web app using D3 and other modern web technologies. Enabled visualization to work with "big data" by implementing viz aggregation in Scala on the server using Apache Spark.  Replaced legacy MLC++ machine learning algorithms with Apache Spark implementations. Filed patents for pixel perfect rendering of bar charts, and 2D Naive Bayes Visualization.

    9/2007 - 8/2014: Technical Lead, PROS, Inc
3/2006 - 9/2007: Senior Developer, PROS, Inc
Designed and implemented interactive pricing specific charts and reports for the Scientific Analytics product. Some of the custom visualizations implemented in Flex/Actionscript/Javascript were: HeatMap, DemandSensitivity, Waterfall, BandAnalysis, PivotTable, MarginDrivers, and GoalsView. Helped implement generic view editor for configuring analytics views. Experience with Hadoop, Impala, Mahout, SaaS, odata4j, D3, gradle.

   10/2004 - 2/2006: Senior Software Engineer, Metreo, Inc
Designed and implemented interactive pricing specific SVG charts and reports for the Vision product. Built widgets for a dynamic AJAX based Flex-like user interface framework. Used these widgets to construct a deal analysis dashboard that could be embedded in other pricing applications.

    5/2002 - 10/2004: Senior Visualization Engineer, Blue Martini Software
1/2000 - 5/2002: Manager, Data Visualization, Blue Martini Software
Helped develop several web-based applications including a customer profiler, expression builder, relationship marketing control graph applet, and Java web start deployed visualization application. My group was responsible for introducing powerful interactive data exploratory tools, that could export their results in easy to understand web-deployed reports. Worked closely with the data mining and analytical services group to ensure that our charting components addressed the needs of the customer, and were able to handle specialized e-commerce data. Built the tools in Java taking advantage of third-party libraries from OpenViz and Tom Sawyer. 

    9/1999 - 1/2000: Technical Lead on MineSet project, SGI
    10/1995 - 9/1999: Software Engineer on MineSet project, SGI
Developer of 3D information visualization paradigms for MineSet. MineSet is a client/server application which combines data mining with visualization to achieve knowledge discovery and decision support. Created new visualization schemes for volumetric display of relational data, and for interacting with the results from various mining algorithms such as Naive Bayes classifiers, and decision table classifiers.  Implementation was based on C++,  Open Inventor, and Motif (on Irix), and MFC and Active X (on Windows). Duties included: providing training, pushing out 6 manufacturing releases, writing extensive documentation, preparing and analyzing datasets, and interacting with customers. Obtained 5 US Patents during the course of this work: US Pat. Numbers 5,861,891; 6,034,697; 5,930,803; 6,301,579; 6,373,483.
    6/1998 - 9/1999: Oversaw the efforts of 5-7 visualization engineers and interns, and managed collaborative relationships with professors and graduate students at three Universities. 

    1/1993 - 10/1995: Computer Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Investigated new techniques for vector field visualization as part of an internal  research project. The results have been incorporated into a suite of Iris Explorer modules. Created a class hierarchy of mesh independent visualization algorithms for vector fields. 

    7/1990 - 12/1992: Student-Employee, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Developed a method to smoothly transition between bump rendering algorithms so that scale changes during animation would be graceful. Presented a paper and an animation in SIGGRAPH '93.

    3/1991 - 6/1991: Teaching Assistant, UC Davis.
Led discussions and graded exams for an introductory freshman computer science class.

    6/1988 - 8/1989: GE intern, General Electric CR&D.
Encoded algorithms for computing and displaying applied potential tomography simulations using finite element methods. Also worked on developing the Over The Horizon radar project.

    6/1987 - 8/1987: Courseware Developer, RPI (NSF fellowship).
Designed interactive software tutorials for a data structures course.


    MS in Computer Science, December, 1992,
University of California, Davis.
    BS in Mathematics, December, 1992,
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.
    BS in Computer Science, May, 1990,
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.

    bb4-games - A Java game playing framework. Uses AI search algorithms to allow computers to play against humans.
    bb4-puzzles - A Scala puzzle framework with generator and solver implementations for puzzles like Sodoku, Hi-Q, Tantrix, and others.
    bb4-simulations - A Scala framework for creating simulations for things like reaction diffusion, fractals, and fluid dynamics.
    bb4-optimization - A collection of heuristic optimization algorithms used in many of my other projects.
    TutorMatch - Uses Google Apps Script to match student tutors with those needing tutoring.
    All projects available at


Speaker at Spark Summit 2017, San Francisco, Visualization of Enhanced Spark Induced Naive Bayes Classifier.

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Participant on the 'Information Shootout' Panel, organized by Georges Grinstein,
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    Available upon request.